Monday, July 9, 2012

Two interesting games and a purchase

What a great weekend!  I got a chance to play Carpe Astra with my husband.  We managed to snag a copy at the local game store.  Its an interesting game that takes place in space.  It revolves around controlling guilds and comes with tiles and cards.  If you get a chance to try it out-go for it.

I have also been playing a wonderful casual game called Arizona Rose and the Pirates' Riddles. It is a combination Hidden Object and Pictogram puzzle.  Since I love both of these genre of games its perfect for me.  It has over 200 levels and has that "just one more level" feel to it. 

I finally purchased my copy of RPG Maker VX Ace and can return to my project.  I hope to maybe finish that this week. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

Working around picnic and other things, I managed to get some more done on my game.  I was so proud when I got a multi-event to work. 

There is a great project on Kickstarter right now that will help Indie developers.  Its called Indie Graphics Builder and is a package that will work within your current 2d art program; but lets you build from pieces they provide, various objects that you can use in your game.  For a better description of this go to their  Kickstarter-Indie Graphics Builder page.  The home page of the creator has an excellent selection of 2d graphics which you can purchase now.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More information on RPG Maker VX ACE

Good morning everyone!  Well I am continuing my investigation of RPG Maker VX Ace and am enjoying it.  The event section is still giving me problems; but I know I will finish my game this week.  I also plan on spending the $90. to purchase it.  RPG Maker has so many different things you can do with it.  It is easy to set up an Inn or reveal what is in a treasure chest.  Creating skills is just a question of figuring out what you want the skill to accomplish(add damage, cast a spell) and then name the skill and press the correct buttons and the formula will be calculated for you.  The engine also uses a form of the Ruby programming language that is easy to learn.  There are a wide variety of scripts, ways to change your games advanced abilities, etc. Just check out their forums or one of the websites listed below for Three of these are:

The RPG Maker Elitist Kit

RPG Maker VX Ace Community

Well I hope to post later today; but definitely tomorrow and update you how my game is coming along!
Have a wonderful day.

Monday, July 2, 2012

RPG Maker VX Ace & Me!

Let's get right down to business.  I am currently working on a game that I intended to give my husband on Father's Day.  I guess I didn't make it.  I love trying new technology and wanted to start with a simple program that would let me create my husband's favorite game type, an RPG.  RPG Maker VX Ace has recently been released and having used their last game engine, I thought this would be a great time to use their 30 day trial. 

I do love this engine.  If you are planning on creating any kind of RPG, this is for you.  The download of both the engine and the RTP required to use it went smoothly. The main site contains some tutorials to get you started but I found the best tutorial at Beginner's Guide to RPG Maker VX Ace. As usual with any game you need at least a basic design or a list of what comes next and I made a quick one in Notepad.  Then I started to map, which is very easy.  The tilesets that come with the engine are great to start out with and more can be imported in.  The database that is used for creating everything from skills to weapons is easy to use.  The event system is more tricky and that is where I am now. I am working on events and hope to finish the game before the end of the week.